Welcome To Honshu Sushi

Welcome to Honshu Sushi

Our Popular Dishes

At Honshu Sushi Restaurant, we turn the act of eating, whether by yourself or with a group of friends into an experience which will never be forgotten. The decor, the friendly staff together with the fusion of old and new Japanese cuisine is what makes us unique.
At Honshu Sushi we aim not only to provide you the best quality, freshly prepared food, but also a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

"At Honshu Sushi, we take pride in the way we prepare sushi, for us, it is not a meal but a piece of art, that is why we still use the age old traditions of rolling and folding sushi. We are confident that when you come to sample this exquisite delicacy, you too will fall in love with this Japanese marvel, and keep coming back again and again!"

Our Popular Dishes

Honshu Sushi's Specialities

Excellent Japanese cuisine

Friendly and attentive staff

Authentic decor

Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere

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